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  • WSJ: Sprint will unveil dual-screen Android phone tonight

    Shortly after the Verizon iPhone debuted in mid January last month, Sprint sent out a mysterious invitation to a press event in New York City, featuring an appearance by magician David Blaine. At the time, speculation was that Sprint would also be getting the iPhone, now that AT&T’s exclusivity has lapsed.
    Well, Sprint’s event is tonight […]

  • Verizon iPhone 4 teardown reveals revised component layout

    With the introduction of the Verizon iPhone 4 you’d expect Apple did as little work as possible to get it ready for the AT&T-alternative network. Why mess too much with a phone that already works (antenna issues aside)?
    But that is certainly not the case. While the battery and screen may be exactly the same, the […]

  • TI’s quad-core OMAP5 will bring 3D cameras and Kinect-style gestures to smartphones

    If you’ve got a smartphone purchased in 2010 in your pocket, chances are it’s packing at least a 1Ghz clock speed thanks to an ARM-based CPU like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or Apple’s A4. You probably think it’s a pretty fast, but chipmakers are already hard at work adding an extra core to that CPU, and NVIDIA’s […]

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