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  • Skin-cell Gun helps heal burns in days instead of weeks

    Victims of major burn trauma often die due to infections because the skin is the body’s first natural shield against germs and viruses. And when it severely damaged, often it can take weeks or even months for skin to fully recover, which allows a greater chance for harmful pathogens to invade the human body.
    But what […]

  • Lego lumberjack receives awesome brick building powers in “Build”

    At Geek we have seen some pretty cool stop-motion animation movies before, some certainly better than others. But the one you are about to see below certainly ranks among the tops of those we have viewed.
    Envisioned by brick builders David Pagano and Matt Witham, their movie “Build!” features a gruff-looking lumberjack minifig chopping down some […]

  • Russian Systema: most efficient martial art in the world

    If there’s any hint that a fight about to happen in my vicinity then I’m usually the first to be walking (or running) in the opposite direction. It’s the sensible thing to do as you don’t know who is concealing a weapon or which of the opponents has spent their life mastering a martial art […]

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