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  • OpenDNS top 10 blocked websites headed by Facebook

    Of all the websites in the world, which would you guess are the top 10 most blocked? I’m sure there would be pornographic, religious, file-sharing, and other illegal activity websites on your list somewhere. But OpenDNS has come up with its list for 2010 based on real data, and the results are quite surprising.
    The most […]

  • Asus says they have a “secret weapon” against the iPad 2

    Asus is not exactly known for putting out luxury products, and that’s okay. That’s not how they got big. They got big through netbooks, which set the stage for tablets: they proved that you could have marketable ultra-portable computers with extreme battery life available at dirt cheap prices.
    The influence that Asus, in inventing the netbook, […]

  • Dungeon Siege 3 release date set for May 31, pre-order bonuses revealed

    Action role-playing game fans have another date to pencil in their digital diaries for this year. Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Square Enix are set to release Dungeon Siege 3 on May 31.
    As you’d expect, different retailers have been given a variety of extras they can offer in return for your pre-order and eventual cash. Below […]

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