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  • Feb 13th – AT&T iPhone gets hotspot, tethering plan gets 2GB more

    On February 13th, AT&T will formally launch their AT&T Mobile Hotspot application in conjunction with the release of the HTC Inspire 4G. Now there are rumors that it may not be the only AT&T smartphone to offer hotspot capability on that date. The New York Times initially revealed, as part of a review of the […]

  • Google: Honeycomb is only for tablets

    There are a few Android tablets out there right now, and some — like the Samsung Galaxy Tab are even pretty good — but it’s still not very contentious to say right now that Android isn’t very good for tablets. Heck, even Google has said as much.
    And that’s the whole point of Android 3.0, aka […]

  • Canada’s Prime Minister gives ultimatum on metered internet

    Earlier this week, Canada flipped a bureaucratic switch and became one of the least internet friendly countries on Earth by imposing usage-based internet billing on last mile ISPs.
    The scheme would have done a couple of things. First of all, it would have ended up costing most Canadians twice as much money for orders of […]

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