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  • Full scale Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII brought to life

    Fans of the Final Fantasy video game series are no strangers to characters wielding really big swords, like Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, for example. But could you imagine what a real-life full scale version of such a legendary weapon would look like? It would look impressive undoubtedly, but would it be too […]

  • Check out samples of The Daily without an iPad

    The Daily, the much-hyped iPad app from News Corp., launched today with all the expected fanfare. The iPad newspaper is a free download available right now from the iTunes app store, but it will cost you if you want a subscription. After the free trial it will go for 99 cents a week or $39.99 […]

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO only needs 500,000 subscribers

    There’s been a lot of movement lately in the online game space switching from a subscription model to a free-to-play with virtual goods solution. While that may be the only way to make some revenue from a game for a lot of publishers, EA isn’t taking that route with the forthcoming Star Wars: The Old […]

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