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  • Infographic: How Facebook is taking over the world

    Sometimes it seems like just about everyone is on Facebook, but in actuality, there are at least one or two comatose grandmothers in Prague as well as whole tribes of South American aborigines who have not yet connected to the world’s social network! Can you believe it?
    These shocking revelations come to us by way of […]

  • TDK reinvents the boombox for the 21st century

    Someone in the 80s would think the iPod to be completely magic. “You mean I can store every song I’ll ever listen to on this little box the size of a cassette tape?” that person would ask before happily spiking their trust boombox to the pavement once and for all.
    Yes, the iPod and its ilk […]

  • Samsung first PC maker to offer full Sandy Bridge refunds

    When you’ve got a bug in your software, a patch is cheap. When that bug is in the hardware, though? You’re looking to pay through the nose to fix it… and alienate a lot of your customers. Intel’s learning this the hard way, having announced a recall of their cutting-edge Sandy Bridge chipset due to […]

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