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  • Play Tetris in your living room with Tetris Link board game

    If you look at the earliest computer games, you’ll notice a lot of them were an attempt by programmers to turn an existing card, board or table game into a bunch of ones and zeroes. Pong, for example, is a simplified digital version of Ping Pong: the earliest Unix games were simple text based versions […]

  • Ricoh CX5 gains 0.2 second focus thanks to new hybrid AF tech

    Ricoh doesn’t often get a lot of attention here on a Geek, which is a shame, because they make an incredible line of cameras that often add excellent new features significantly before the competition. The new CX5 is no exception, bringing the intriguing new feature of hybrid autofocus to the CX line.
    Hardware-wise, the CX5 is […]

  • Researchers develop thermal nanotape to help cool future CPUs & GPUs

    The most common way to cool a processor at the moment is with a heatsink and fan combination on top of a thermal compound linking them to the surface of the chip. But there’s only so much heat that can be dissipated with such solutions and the thermal compound being used will degrade over time.
    Researchers […]

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