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  • The Hammerhead is an attractive, unique case mod you can actually buy

    One of the problems with all of those sexy PC case mods you see on the Internet is that if you want one, the only way to do it without ripping out your gold fillings in the bathroom mirror and smelting them down to pay for it is to build it yourself.
    Designer Matthew Kim has […]

  • Notion Ink may have taken K-9 code for Adam without attribution, says dev

    After a series of seemingly interminable delays, Notion Ink has finally started sending out the first of their much anticipated Adam tablet… but already there might be a controversy brewing, as allegations fly that Notion Ink based their custom email app on open-source K-9 mail client for Android… and then didn’t give the original developers […]

  • Our brains forget information at a rate of 1 bit per second per neuron

    Activity pattern showing which neurons are active
    The human brain is incredibly complex and something we are nowhere near close to simulating with nerual networks using the computing power on offer today. While we can’t simulate how the brain deals with information, we can continue to experiment and learn more about how it functions.
    What we do […]

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