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  • Kinect hack updated to bring giant Minecraft monuments to life

    We know, we know: we’re all getting a little bit sick of all the Minecraft love. It’s a great game, sure, but it’s not the second coming. Minecraft married to a sexy Kinect hack, though? I think I hear the 8-bit trumpeting now.
    Look at what we have here. Nathan Viniconis has managed to use the […]

  • Toshiba’s Android tablet leaves harsh words for iPad owners

    As the army of proper Android tablets begins their march towards consumers, and Apple prepares it’s next 10-inch iPad, we’re likely to see some unkind words get tossed around. We’re all aware of Motorola’s consistent mockery of Apple products, starting with their “Droid Does” campaign with Verizon, and moving into their recent Xoom teaser video.
    It […]

  • US Military hacked, access sold for under $500

    Thanks to Hollywood, most Americans have a rather grand idea of the sort of cutting-edge technical sophistication employed by the United States government. The reality is actually a lot more dire. Consider the slowness and backwardness of your average corporation’s intranet: most of those computers are still running a ten year old Windows operating system. […]

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