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  • Video: Fruit Ninjas IRL

    Fruit Ninja isn’t just a popular iOS app any more, these guys gave it a shot in real life. If you aren’t familiar with the game, you basically use swipe movements to cut assorted pieces of fruit in half as quickly as possible while avoiding bombs.
    In the videos by The Misunderstoods a pair of guys […]

  • Underwater atomic bomb explosion engulfs ship in tidal wave

    We have all seen footage of the mushroom clouds produced by an atomic bomb explosion on land. In water the bomb is just as devastating, but the dust cloud emanating from it is replaced by an enormous wave of water.
    We hate to think what happens to sea life when one of these bombs goes off, […]

  • Japanese smiles really light up a room with this LED mouth accessory

    Technology and the height of fashion don’t often go hand-in-hand. Apple devices, smartphones, and PMPs may count as a fashion accessory, but the latest processor, fastest SSD, or a next-gen graphics card don’t. That hasn’t stopped the Japanese trying to think of novel ways to make certain components fashionable, though. While the well-known bits of […]

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