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  • Sony to close major CD plant as demand for physical media dries up

    No matter how many protestations the music and film industry make, the rise of services like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Xbox Live Arcade are all you need to prove that optical media is sounding its death knell.
    By and large, that’s a good thing for consumers, but the death of optical media is still a […]

  • Latest Tiger Woods game glitch allows players to golf topless

    British tabloids will try to make news of anything, especially if its sleaze, so try not to have a heart attack as the venerable Sun tries to make hot coffee out of one Briton’s report that the latest Tiger Woods game, Tiger Woods PGA 11 for the Sony PlayStation 3, has a glitch that allows […]

  • Verizon’s first iPhone ad says one thing: The wait is over

    Verizon just posted their first iPhone 4 advertisement. It doesn’t highlight the phone’s beautiful design, the slightly modified antenna, Apple’s huge app store, or even Verizon’s favorite subject (their network). Rather, Verizon highlights the simple fact that the anticipation is over. And it makes sense… after years of questions the iPhone will be finally available on […]

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