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  • New solar reactor produces clean fuel from sunlight and carbon dioxide

    Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a new solar reactor that has the potential to convert the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions we produce every day into a usable clean fuel.
    The reactor requires sunlight which we have in abundance, and the rare earth metal cerium oxide or ceria. While it’s classed as […]

  • Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO

    Google has just released its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2010 results, but buried in the details is a rather large change happening at the search giant.
    As part of an effort to “streamline decision making and create clearer lines of responsibility and accountability at the top of the company” Eric Schmidt is stepping down as […]

  • THQ: Games will cost $100 on average next console generation

    Before the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, consoles tended to have roughly five year lifespans. This generation is going to be different, though: Mirosoft just released the Kinect, which they view as taking the Xbox 360 through at least a few new years, while Sony went on record at the launch of the PS3 that […]

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