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  • Cisco unveils stylish Linksys E4200 dual-band 450Mbps router

    Cisco’s latest assault on the high-end router market not only aims to impress with its speed, but also isn’t a device you will want to hide in a cupboard–it actually looks nice.
    Usually routers are a boxy affair in a matte black, white or silver finish with lots of aerials sticking out of them. The Linksys […]

  • How Atari almost released its own home version of Unix years before Linux

    In the millennium we’re sort of used to every device under the sun being able to run some variation of Linux, whether that’s the Sony PlayStation 3 or your mom’s digital photo frame, but back in 1985, the landscape was very different indeed… which is what makes this post by Landon Dyer over at Dadhacker […]

  • Kinect surgery is coming soon to an operating theater near you

    With all the Kinect hacks coming out these days, seeing someone control a robot with a Kinect is pretty old hat now… but what if that robot was wielding a scalpel and was about to perform heart surgery on you? Impressed yet?
    Well, you should be, because this Kinect hack is very real. A group of […]

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