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  • Apple posts record revenue of $26.74 billion

    As expected, Apple has released its first quarter results, and the figures are as good if not better than expected.
    The financial results cover the fiscal first quarter of 2011 which ended on December 25th last year. Revenue was at an all time high with Apple’s highly popular devices and associated App Stores making up the […]

  • Moog OMG-1 Synthesizer crams in a Mac Mini, 2 iPads and a couple iPod Touches

    “Moog” sounds more like the noises I make before my first cup of coffee than a human being’s name, but if you’re into musical instruments, you’re probably familiar with Bob Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesizer and an American pioneer of electronic music.
    The Moog Foundation has spent years trying to keep the spirit […]

  • Palin hacker sentenced to one year in a federal prison

    We reported yesterday that George Bronk was arrested for hacking Gmail accounts and other obscene offenses, well it looks like he may be joined in his cell by David Kernell: the 23-year-old that was found guilty of hacking into Mrs Palin’s private Yahoo! e-mail account during the run-up to the critical 2008 presidential campaign.
    At first […]

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