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  • Improve your typing skills with a HTML5 shmup

    Typing on a keyboard is a skill you develop over time, but I bet many of the people reading this don’t touch type. Even if you don’t, it’s possible to improve your typing speed with practice, and what better way to do so than by playing a game?
    One of the best typing tutors I’ve ever […]

  • This Marble Machine may not do much, but the devil is in the details

    Some days around the office I often get accused of having lost my marbles. Well I can assure you that my marbles are intact, thank you very much. But if I did have trouble keeping my marbles in place, I would certainly want them to be kept in something other than a plain cloth or […]

  • Notion Ink’s Adam tablet ships on January 19

    Of all the Android tablets launching this year, one of the most anticipated is the Notion Ink Adam. It certainly aims to give the iPad a run for its money with a new 10.1″ Pixel Qi display, Nvidia Tegra 250, dual-core Cortex A9, 1GB RAM, solid multitasking abilities, and a battery life thought to beat […]

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