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  • iPad 2 to have SD slot and Retina-like display while iPhone 5 sees an overhaul?

    Friday evening Engadget posted a number of details about what the future might hold for the iPad 2, the iPhone 5, and also the Apple TV. If accurate it’s the most sizable amount of information we’ve heard about Apple’s upcoming devices, plus it could be very important buying advice for people who are currently considering […]

  • Supercharge OS X Mac Bundle includes four apps, save you $41

    It seems like every week a hot new Mac app bundle launches. Despite the recent release of the Mac App Store developers are pushing bundles, exactly because they are so popular and they get users such good deal on software they might not have used in the past. So, OS X fans, ready for another […]

  • Got a couple of old lighters? Turn them into a motorcycle

    If you smoke, then you’re probably used to carrying around one of those cheap lighters you can’t refill in your pocket. When they are empty, you just throw them away and buy a new one.
    Well, don’t throw the next couple of empty ones away, as someone has found a better use for them. If you […]

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