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  • HP strongly hints webOS tablet will come on February 9th

    A little less than a year after they acquired Palm for $1.2 billion, Hewlett Packard is making it very, very clear that they’re about to unveil a webOS tablet, and that they’ll do so on February 9th in San Francisco.
    During an appearance on CNBC recently, HP Personal Systems Group Executive VP Todd Bradley explained that […]

  • Skunk Juice ear buds sound gross, but they’re MagSafes for headphones

    One of Apple’s biggest innovations of the last few years doesn’t actually get a lot of press: the MagSafe power connector. It’s a brilliant design that guarantees that if someone trips over your power cord, the connector just pops off instead of whiplashing your MacBook across the room.
    Great idea, huh? You probably wonder why […]

  • Hackers breach cancer hospital servers to play CoD: Black Ops

    When hackers make the news these days, it’s because they’ve stolen Pentagon secrets, credit card numbers, iTunes accounts, et cetera.
    Not all hackers infiltrate other people’s computer systems for nefarious reasons, though: sometimes, hackers just want to get their deathmatch on, as evidenced by this story in which hackers breached a server back in November […]

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