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  • Konami hiring for next-gen Metal Gear Solid game

    Konami has today updated its Japanese website with a whole range of new job listings for Kojima Productions. The open positions are for a new game project referred to as “Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series”.
    Whether next-generation refers to the PS3 and Xbox 360, or an actual new generation of hardware such as the PSP2, […]

  • Japanese build working robot that runs off of Android OS

    Is an ARM processor powerful enough to drive a real life robot? Well, it probably wouldn’t pass either the Turing or Voight-Kampff tests, but yeah, for basic motor and speech functions, it should be… most of the experiments in robotics, after all, have been powered by much wimpier CPUs than the ones we have in […]

  • Fight off STD’s with your iPhone

    They say there is an App for everything and this statement is taken to a new level with news of Initiative for Jewish Women’s LoveSmarts: Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) App.
    Whilst at first you will laugh at the mere thought of what such an app can provide, there is a serious educational factor behind the companies […]

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