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  • Kinect hack will turn you into a Japanese superhero

    Forget the games that Microsoft is releasing for their new Kinect motion accessory for the Xbox 360. None of them are really worth bothering with. Hacking the Kinect itself, though, has proven to be a game in itself, though.
    We’ve seen a lot of good Kinect hacks lately, but this latest hack by YouTube user hogehoge335 […]

  • Verizon to pay $5bn for iPhone subsidies in 2011

    Verizon’s nearly four year ordeal trying to claw American exclusivity to the iPhone away from AT&T finally ended yesterday with their triumphant announcement of the Verizon iPhone.
    It must be a big relief to Verizon, since Verizon was the carrier that Apple came to with the original iPhone to begin with, only to turn Cupertino […]

  • With Touch Mouse for Windows 7, Microsoft finally gets multitouch right

    Microsoft has finally made official its answer to Apple’s multitouch Magic Mouse: the Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7. I was prepared to scoff, given how execrable multitouch support in Windows 7 is in the first place, but you know what? As an Apple user, I want one, because this was actually designed with ergonomics […]

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