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  • Microsoft working on its own FaceTime competitor for WP7 or WP8

    Video chat has been around for a long time on laptops and PCs, and even mobile phones have given it a good old college try before, but it wasn’t until Apple introduced FaceTime with the iPhone 4 that the feature not only became popular, but synonymous with a full-featured modern cellphone.
    Is anyone surprised, then, at […]

  • How the Lord of the Rings Trilogy would go if Gimli was right

    We all know the Dark Lord Sauron was all powerful and in the Lord of the Rings trilogy it was his master ring that was at the center of the Middle Earth struggle in all three books. And if you read the novels, or witnessed the Peter Jackson movie adaptation, you certainly remember the one […]

  • Nox Audio Admiral Touch noise-canceling surround headset with Android 2.1

    Of all the products that came out at CES this year this item would certainly turn heads and it’s not surprising really given that the Admiral Touch headset. Developed and designed by Nox Audio, it contains a cool piece of built in tech!
    Out in late 2011, the Admiral Touch Headset features 7.1 surround sound with […]

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