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  • Cute stop-motion movie shows this Dyson really cleaning up the house

    Say what you will about a Dyson. Those vacuum cleaners work really well, but you also have to pay a premium to own one. However, after watching this stop-motion movie featuring a Dyson vacuum performing chores other than cleaning the floor, I would happily pay the higher price tag if those fancy little floor suckers could […]

  • Notion Ink Adam tablet previewed

    One of the most talked about tablets leading up to CES 2011 was the Notion Ink Adam and its Pixel Qi display. Engadgeteer Joanna Stern went hands-on with the tablet and posted a 5 minute preview of it in action.
    For the most part it seems like an above-average tablet with a slick UI, though one […]

  • What is an accelerated processing unit (APU)?

    Earlier this week AMD had some big news and the term “APU” was tossed around a lot. This surely had a lot of people wondering what the heck an APU is and how it differs from a central processing unit (CPU).
    The video above shows how an APU works by explaining the flow of data through […]

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