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  • Iwata: Gamecube and Game Boy Advance SP were both 3D capable

    Since the release of the Wii and DS Nintendo has gained a lot of respect for being a forward-thinking and risk-taking hardware developer. Who else would bet on a dual-screen touch-controlled handheld, or a console that relied on motion controls in a world devoid of anything else like it?
    In both cases the risk paid off […]

  • Kinect might be causing fresh slate of Xbox 360s RRODs

    After four years of issues, Microsoft seemingly eradicated the last of the red ring of death issues that plagued the Xbox 360 with the launch of the Xbox 360 Slim last year… but now reports seem to indicate that the Red Ring of Death might be back with a vengeance thanks to the launch of […]

  • Verizon holding mystery event Tuesday the 11th

    On Tuesday January 11th Verizon Wireless is holding an event in NYC. We don’t know what that event is for or why it’s being held just days after CES, but we know it’s happening.
    Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdamn will be speaking and we’ll be there listening. We might even take some notes.
    Quick thoughts
    Everyone’s immediate guess […]

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