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  • Vimeo Plus users to get 5GB uncompressed video upload option

    If you ask most people for a good alternative to YouTube for video posting online, chances are they’ll mention Vimeo. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo has a paid-for tier called Vimeo Plus for $60 per year that comes with a range of extra features such as higher quality video, faster uploading, and advanced video statistics.
    Today Vimeo Plus […]

  • Windows Phone 7 copy-and-paste update to come by the end of the month?

    At last night’s CES keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was fairly cagey about when Windows Phone 7 users can expect the first major update that is supposed to bring the much-anticipated support for cut-and-paste to the operating system. In fact, Ballmer wouldn’t let himself be pegged down to any time frame sooner than “the next […]

  • T-Mobile wants you to get to know Android 3.0

    T-Mobile posted up videos of Android 3.0 doing all sorts of cool stuff. We covered one of the videos this morning but given the prevalence of Android and tablets at CES 2011, you should probably just watch them all.
    TL:D(watch) version: Android 3.0 looks totally slick and it has us understanding why people said Android 2.x […]

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