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  • 7 billion people will roam the earth in 2011

    The rate at which the human population is increasing is phenomenal. In just 199 years we have gone from a world population of 1 billion to 6 billion. This year, just 12 years after hitting 6 billion, we are going to pass the 7 billion mark.
    7 billion is a big number, and this National Geographic […]

  • Microsoft Research solves AI challenge for The Path of Go on Xbox 360

    It’s not just Microsoft’s internal game studios and 3rd-party developers that create games for the Xbox 360. Microsoft Research is also getting in on the act, but more to solve an artificial intelligence (AI) challenge than actually become a well-known game developers bringing in millions of dollars every year.
    The problem a team at Microsoft Research […]

  • Olympus XZ-1 looks oh so sweet

    Last week I pointed out how happy I was with my Canon S95, but I have to admit that this early look at the Olympus XZ-1 has me wavering just a bit.
    The XZ-1, we’ve just found out, will ship in a very handsome white. In fact, some would say it’s even better looking than Panasonic’s […]

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