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  • WakeMate bursts into flames due to faulty USB charger

    A little over a year ago, back in November 2009, we reported on the WakeMate. The WakeMate works in conjunction with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry or Android device to help its user wake up more refreshed in the morning. It does this through the use of a wristband which monitors your sleep activities […]

  • Make your own color-shifting Rorschach mask using thermochromic paint

    Don’t think of this idea as late for Halloween 2010, but rather as early for Halloween 2011. It’s is a color-shifting paint trick that Watchmen fans can use to really jazz up a Rorschach costume next year.
    Thanks to YouTube contributor guinness0507, we find out if you mix a little thermochromic powder with transparent base paint, then […]

  • Publishers left with empty hands as Borders delays payments

    It seemed like Borders was finally getting into the game after watching Amazon and Barnes & Noble from the sidelines. In July, Borders launched their own e-book store and reader app. The company’s aggressive move into e-books wasn’t just to remain competitive, it was to survive as physical book sales were being replaced […]

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