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  • 7 trillion SMS messages will be sent in 2011

    We’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: SMS messaging is a huge scam perpetuated upon mobile customers by companies who are making most of their money selling something that is absolutely free to them. SMS messages only came into being because they were free: engineers designed the SMS system to “fill in the […]

  • Stats are not boring as the Joy of Stats proves

    Statistics. If there was a course carrying that name at school or college most of you probably avoided it. Who wants to learn all about how to compile bits of information and create graphs and pie charts from them anyway?
    Well, stats can be boring, but Professor Hans Rosling has set out to prove they can […]

  • NaturalMotion gives us an amusing lesson in video game physics

    The video games we play today on the PS3 and Xbox 360 have well-crafted physics engines as standard. All the well-known game engines include them, and there’s a whole host of companies offering physics engines as plug-ins, e.g. Havok and NaturalMotion.
    NaturalMotion has made a name for itself providing very realistic physics systems for some of […]

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