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  • New Super Mario Bros. surpasses 6 million sales in Japan, 24 million worldwide

    Usually publishers look to the new game releases for sales figures, but when you’re as big as Nintendo and have Mario as part of your IP catalog, even 4-year-old games can still perform.
    This week, the 2006 game New Super Mario Bros. became the best selling DS game of all time and the first to surpass […]

  • Verizon iPhone could be our Valentine’s Day present

    As the new year approaches we are beginning to see more and more evidence that a Verizon Wireless iPhone is likely. Reports have speculated that the device would be announced during the first or second quarter of next year. Now, a new report says that such an announcment could come by Valentine’s Day.
    Bloomberg cites an […]

  • Skype explains how their P2P backbone failed last week due to Windows client bug

    If you’ve been looking for an official explanation on why Skype’s servers crashed so hard last week besides a cryptic statement about imploding supernodes, the VoIP company has thoughtfully explained the situation over on their official blog.
    Here’s what happened. On December 22nd, the servers handling Skype’s offline messaging became overloaded and slow to respond, which […]

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