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  • How to read Kindle books on your Nook Color

    If I was asked to recommend an e-reader right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest the latest generation Kindle. It has a great screen for reading, long battery life, and very large selection of books offered through Amazon.
    But for some people, the color-less screen of the Kindle isn’t good enough, and they want a bit […]

  • Samsung’s latest point-and-shoot is the 14.6MP superzoom WB700

    Samsung didn’t just see fit to announce one new camera today, they announced two. Meet the WB700, their new premium point-and-shoot.
    The successor to Samsung’s WB600 and WB650 digicams, the WB700 boasts a fourteen megapixel sensor, a wide angle zoom lens crafted by Kreuznach capable of 24x levels of magnification (eighteen of which are optical, the […]

  • U.S. PSN to get Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Threads of Fate & Legend of Mana

    The North American PlayStation Network is getting four Squaresoft PSOne classics many fans have been chomping at the bit to play again on their PS3 or PSP.
    If you owned a PlayStation, chances are you fell in love with at least of of these games:

    Vagrant Story
    Legend of Mana
    Threads of Fate

    All four titles have been rated by […]

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