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  • Three versions of the iPad 2 are expected in 2011

    According to sources, it seems we can expect three models of the iPad 2. It is believed the models will support Wi-Fi with some also supporting either UMTS or CDMA. Verizon Wireless, which utilizes CDMA technology, began selling Wi-Fi versions of the iPad this year accompanied by MiFi devices to allow the iPad to be […]

  • LG has a 72-inch LED 3D TV ready to ship

    Consumer model TVs usually top out in the size department around the 60-inch mark. To be honest, I doubt many homes could seriously consider having anything bigger on the wall. But LG has decided to go bigger with its latest model.
    The LG LZ9700 is a 72-inch LCD TV that includes many of the latest features […]

  • Crayola Crayon Maker lets kids blend and melt colors

    Drawing with wax crayons is one of the priceless delights of childhood, but every child has experienced the dissatisfaction of finding one cherished color wear down into a nub while a palette less beloved colors smirk unused from the box. These unused crayons taunt: why should you have to buy a whole new box of […]

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