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  • New Nikon lens patent simultaneously zooms and refocuses

    DSLR cameras are slowly but surely making their presence felt even in the homes of the more casually photography inclined. One thing that’s helped that happen is the increased number of relatively affordable DSLRs that can also take impressive high-definition video too, obviating the requirement for a camcorder.
    One problem with DSLR high-def video capturing, though, […]

  • Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack re-recorded by one guy

    Freed from the confines of the MIDI sound system, video games these days more often than not have soundtracks provided by full, classically-recognized orchestras instead of a single part-time musician hammering away on a keyboard in the confines of his garage.
    Is it really necessary though? We also live in the days of impressive prosumer […]

  • Asus’ O!Play Mini affordably handles every file format under the sun in 1080p

    Although devices like Roku’s have managed to eke out a healthy business for themselves for the past couple of years, 2010 has been the year that set-top boxes have really exploded thanks to the efforts of companies like Google with the Google TV and Apple with their similarly eponymous set-top box.
    Now Asus wants a bigger […]

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