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  • Christmas Day space rocket launch ends in disaster

    While Christmas Day may have been filled with presents and good food for many, Indian scientists saw it end on a bad note. A communications rocket intended for Earth’s orbit strayed from its path soon after launch and exploded.
    The rocket launched from the Satish Shawan Space Center in Bangladesh Sriharikota, India carrying a GSAT-5P communications […]

  • Black Ops PS3 refund petition has over 8,800 signatures

    Developer Treyarch really messed up when it released Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PS3. While Xbox 360 gamers were enjoying the new game, PS3 owners had to put up with a number of issues, including:

    lower resolution
    frame rate issues
    disconnects for no reason
    game soft and hard freezes
    online lag
    generally buggy software
    no split screen sign in for […]

  • Do not hit a burning microwave with a rake (twice)

    Teenagers do some pretty stupid things. Be they dares, a sudden lack of common sense, or curiosity getting the better of them. This has to be one of the more stupid we have witnessed recently.
    Microwaves are what many of us rely on to cook all or part of our meals everyday. Yet their makeup is […]

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