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  • Tron concept watch is straight off of CLU’s wrist

    Pretty much every gadget that could possibly be tied into Tron: Legacy has already been tied into that film… a library of tat comprising every gizmo from glowing Tron controllers to Tron mice to real-life Tron lightcycles and more.
    How about a new Tron watch to go on top of all the other stuff? Granted, this […]

  • Open thread: Your favorite geek gift?

    Hey everyone, happy holidays!
    The holiday season is about a lot of things–family, togetherness, religion, and so on–but let’s put aside all that for a minute and talk about presents. Did you get any awesome gifts this year? I’m sure you got some killer socks and at least one great tie, but how about tech gifts? […]

  • Merry Christmas, kids! Here’s your POOP phone!

    There’s surely a few gadget lovers who found that hot new iPhone or Android or Windows Phone 7 handset they’d had their eye on prettily wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.
    You must have been very good this year, because otherwise, Santa would have given you this phone: the POOP.
    The Poop is a cheap Chinese […]

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