Today is Monday, 22nd July 2024

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  • Fake Chinese Apple Stores now called Smart Store, problem solved

    As we all know with Apple’s slew of copyright infringement lawsuits, the company does not take very kindly when someone even comes close to copying it. For example, Apple will go so far as to sue Amazon for using the word “App Store,” and don’t even get us started with the whole lawsuit between Apple […]

  • 2007 MacBook Pro prototype with integrated 3G appears for auction

    A laptop with integrated 3G isn’t at all a rare today. A MacBook with integrated 3G, however, is. If a Cupertino customer wants round-the-clock connectivity, a portable modem is a necessary purchase. There is hope, though: An eBay seller recently put up for auction a MacBook Pro prototype with 3G and an aerial built-in. The […]

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