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  • Gamera: The record-breaking helicopter powered by a human

    Imagine how cool it would be if you could ride a bicycle in the air. A group of students at the University of Maryland have created something that will do just that: a human-powered helicopter. Though it’s not yet at the point where it can be taken for a leisurely Sunday ride/flight, it is breaking […]

  • Angry Birds coming to the kitchen, classroom, nursery, and the silver screen

    Sure, a year ago if someone were to tell you that you would spend hours upon hours obsessively flinging cartoon birds at egg-stealing pigs, you would most likely laugh in that person’s face. But somehow, Angry Birds creator Rovio found a way to entice over 250 million users to download and love the game. Angry […]

  • Wrist sensor turns back of hand into touch interface

    Did you ever stop to think that your body has built-in haptic feedback? Kei Nakatsuma a PhD student at the University of Tokyo Department of Information Physics and Computing is well aware of that fact and is using it to his advantage by converting a patch of skin into a touch controller for a computer. […]

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