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  • $2 erasable e-paper aims to replace paper

    The paperless office is a myth. We all still need to print stuff out occasionally, but a new form of e-paper may go a long way towards replacing the paper sheets we put in our printers and use once before recycling. The new flexible e-paper is called i2R e-Paper and can be printed on using […]

  • Phantom v1610 cam can shoot up to one million frames per second

    For when 24 fps isn’t enough, the Phantom v1610 high speed camera comes along with a mind-blowing frame rate. The v1610 sits at the top of Phantom’s collection of cameras, including models like the Phantom v10 and Phantom HD Gold (which was used to film the fantastic CupCake Cannon video). When set to 1M fps, […]

  • Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook is a 13.3-inch MacBook Air alternative

    At the moment, Apple has cornered the market for ultra-thin and portable laptops everyone desires. There are Windows laptops that offer similar levels of portability, but since the Dell Adamo line disappeared there’s not been much in the way of competition for the sleek lines of a MacBook, aside from the thicker ThinkPad X1. Intel aimed […]

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