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Chinese Knockoff Apple Store


Steve JobsYes… in China there is now knockoffs of the entire Apple Store!

According to BirdAbroad, there are several fake Apple Stores in China that look completely like a real Apple Store.

What is even more suprising is that the store and everything is so close to being real, that even the employees believed that they were working for Apple.

Fake Apple Store

As you can see, everything down to the detail is done very well.

The unsuspecting employees even wear clothing and items similar to the actual employees.

Fake Apple Store Employee

So what gave it away that this was in fact a fake operation? Well the paint was poorly done, as well were the stairs. And if you look in this photo, you will find that they actually wrote “Apple Store” on the sign. This is never done because Apple only uses the Apple Logo. You will also not find any stores on the Apple Website that point to the Chinese City of Kunming.

Fake Apple Store

So there you have it. Even in the less mainstream cities you have to worry about people creating knockoffs. I do not know about you, but I believe this is the greatest knockoff of all time. Oh and yes… there are two other fake Apple Stores down the street too.

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