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Solve: Crysis 3 – Crashing, Lagging, Freezing, Errors


So the Crysis series is obviously one of the most fun FPS series out there.

And it’s easy to see why — the graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, and the story isn’t awful. That combination makes for a great game!

And so Crysis 3 happens to be. Just like Crysis 2 and Crysis 1, you will have hours and hours of fun destroying your enemies and exploring the maps.

Depending on your PC Hardware though or your Windows operating system, you may run into bugs, glitches, and game-stopping errors. Check out our game fixes below.

Note that the best operating system to use to play this game is Windows 7 for compatibility reasons. This means if you are using Windows 8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP even, then gaming errors happen more often.

Also keep in mind that if you get this game through Origin or through Steam, then different issues can occur as well VS buying the CD / DVD copy, as the install is different so there are different points of failure (i.e. install location is different, registry is altered differently, etc).

Fix Crysis 3 Crashing, Freezing, Black Screen

These problems generally originate from similar points and so the solutions are often similar as well.

— Update your video card’s drivers to the latest version to receive the latest bug fixes for this game (NVIDIA, ATI / AMD, Intel, etc)
— Change your resolution to something less before launching the game
— Launch the game in compatibility mode
— Run the game directly instead of via shortcut
— Run the game under admin / administrator mode (not recommended, but if desperate, can help)

Fix Crysis 3 Lag

This game is resource intensive. If your hardware specs are too low and don’t reach the minimum requirement or recommended requirement, then lag is expected. You can still improve your frame rate per second though.

— Turn off VSYNC
— Turn off shadows
— Lower your resolution
— Upgrade to the latest graphics card drivers for a performance increase

We will provide more, better game-specific solutions later on once this game has been out longer and we have more time to test…So come back again later for additional help!

How to Fix: Dead Space 3 (Crashing, Freezing, Lagging)


Dead Space 3 came out!…last week. And just like Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 1, it is creepy. Oh so creepy.

They are managing to continue the series without making it dull too, which is always nice. So let’s get down to the reason you are here.

1) Dead Space 3 is lagging a lot!
2) Dead Space 3 is freezing
3) Dead Space 3 keeps crashing!

Which one are you? All of the above perhaps? Then you must be very unlucky. And I say luck because sometimes it seems to happen for no reason!

Anyway, we have some tips in our Dead Space 3 guide of game fixes. They are sure to help some of you, but not all unfortunately.

Fix Dead Space 3 Crashing / Freezing

Crashing is annoying. Especially when it happens when playing randomly (via freezing or genuine crashing). However, crashing on START UP of the game (once it is loaded) is most common and can result in black screens on launch and other pesky errors. This is even more common on Windows 8 than say Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.
— Change your resolution
— Apply the latest graphics card drivers (they provide solutions for both NVIDIA and ATI for this game)

Fix Dead Space 3 Lagging

Lag is annoying, but not as bad as the other two problems.

— Turn off VSYNC
— Exit any software that could cause issues (and to free up memory / cpu)
— Lower the game’s resolution
— Turn off shadows
— Upgrade your video card drivers (they offer performance enhancements for Dead Space 3)

Video: Dark Souls II Trailer


Liked Demon Souls, as well as Dark Souls 1? Well, a trailer for Dark Souls 2 is now out!

Naturally, it shows absolutely nothing other than CG scenes, which allow people to speculate over what is (or isn’t) in each frame. The video was taken from Spike’s VGA’s (Video Game Awards) [hence the clapping and cheering]

This sequel promises a revamped multiplayer experience, a new protagonist, new lands to explore, new monsters and bosses, new weapons and armors, etc. Similarly, you will be an undead entity that cycles between hollow and human. It WILL be difficult, as it’s one of the selling points of the game — under the belief that if the game is challenging, it is all the more rewarding when you beat a milestone (such as slaying a hard boss or completing a task).

There is no release date, nor much other information from the creators: FromSoftware. However, it should be noted that the game WILL be released for PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the Xbox 360 consoles. Whether or not it will make its way to the Windows PC, however, is a completely different question. It took a lot of pushing just to get Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, after all, which in itself was a late port with some nice extra content available on console versions of the game through DLC.

I’m personally hoping for some new classes and spells. It would also be nice if a town existed, but I doubt that will be the case! More information will be posted as it comes in.

How to Fix: FEAR Combat Server List Blank


Recently, you may have noticed that the server list for FEAR Combat started showing up empty. This is because the place where the master server list was being hosted no longer exists. You can’t find servers. And if you cannot see the list, then how can you play the game? NO WORRIES! Solution below.

Fortunately, if you have added servers to your “FAVORITES” list, then you can still see them. And if you haven’t? Well, no worries there!

You can get the full multiplayer client, a free unique CD key (sign up), AND a brand new FEAR launcher that can allow you to play on servers — all at This is great because even the client download link at the real FEAR website doesn’t work, so thank you very much MXT staff! The team has released a beta version of this launcher, which is expected to get additional updates in the future. The beta is HERE.

This is by far the best First Encounter Assault Recon multiplayer game out there. Personally, I believe that FEAR 2 and FEAR 3 / F3AR have awful multiplayer in comparison. I recommend that you play one of the MXT servers. This should work with the Steam versions of the game as well. Anyway, problem solved!

How to run – Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Windows 8


Need to fix CoD: Black Ops II so that it will work on Windows 8?

No problemo!

This works for both Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8 32-Bit, and even the Consumer Preview copy.

Try the following game fixes below (works on normal copies of the game, Steam copies, and Origin copies).

Solved: Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Windows 8

First, upgrade your video card drivers so that you have the latest NVIDIA, ATI, or Intel graphics card drivers.

Next, install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (32-bit, 64-bit). If you were missing this DLL, then the game will now run fine and you won’t experience launch failure anymore.

If it isn’t running, then locate the included DirectX install that comes with the game and make sure to … install it!

If your game is crashing or has a black screen (or simply doesn’t launch still — as in nothing happens), then run the game in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode. If that doesn’t work, then oddly enough trying in Windows 98 compatibility mode MAY work for you, as the emulation is done differently. If it does work for you, then expect some lag from it, which can be reduced by loading Task Manager after the game is opened and locating the process. Set the affinity so that ALL cores are checked and running.

It should also be noted that a recent Windows 8 update did cause this game to not function properly for some people, so uninstalling this update may cause success.


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