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Borderlands 2: Secret Boss – Vermivorous the Invincible


He is the hardest boss in Borderlands 2 — Vermivorous the Invincible — and has around double the HP / Health of his thresher counterpart: Terramorphous the Invincible.

Vermivorous is a Varkid bug that has evolved completely from his Larval Varkid state.

To create this boss, you must have a Larval Varkid transform into an Adult Varkid…and then a Badass Varkid…Super Badass Varkid…Ultimate Badass Varkid…and then finally, into Vermivorous the Invincible.

It takes awhile…and a lot of patience.

Fighting him is even worse. The insect takes so long to kill after his morphosis, that you’ll want to be in a duo / co-op situation instead of attacking him solo. With a party, the difficulty may scale, but you’ll have more of a tactical advantage and someone to resurrect you (such as a Siren).

For help beating this Borderlands 2 boss, check out: How to Kill Vermivorous The Invincible

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