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Borderlands 2 – Best Gunzerker Class Build


Borderlands 2 classSalvador the Gunzerker…His name induces fear…His talents? Death!

With one gun in each hand, the Gunzerker is able to make use of two of the best weapons in the game at the SAME time!

This is important since while certain attack skills become less useful as time goes on (debateable: such as Axton the Commando’s turret or Gaige the Mechromancer’s Death Trap robot), skills pertaining to your actual weapons always stay good.

Think about it. In one hand, Salvador the Gunzerker could have the best weapon in Borderlands 2Conference Call (shotgun) — while in the other hand he could have the best Seraph gun in Borderlands 2Hyperion Actualizer. If you’re into E-Tech weapons, then a good alternative if you don’t want to farm seraph crystals, is to try to get the Best E-Tech Weapon in Borderlands 2 — the Predacious PBFG…but that’s a rocket launcher so it’s limited on shots.

Basically, the Gunzerker’s awesomeness directly corrolates with the power of his guns.

His skills revolve around the action skill known as Gunzerking.

Rampage Skill Tree
Filled to the Brim (5/5)
Last Longer (5/5)
I’m Ready Already (5/5)
Steady as She Goes (1/1)
Yippee Ki Yay (4/5)
Get Some (5/5)
Keep Firing… (1/1)

Brawn Skill Tree
Hard to Kill (5/5)
Incite (5/5)
Ain’t Got Time to Bleed (5/5)
Bus That Can’t Slow Down (4/5)

I highly suggest modifying the build to fit your needs. So if this means shifting a point from one skill to another, then go for it. I did not use any of the skills in the Gunlust tree since they are more gun-specific than for powering all guns in general. Do note though that you can focus your build on powering up specific gun types like pistols if you wish instead.

Also — if you want the best Gunzerker Tank Build — then put more points into the Brawn skill tree.

When more DLC’s are available and the level cap is raised + bonus skill points are available, you’ll be able to do even more build types.

Note that I use this build personally in the game and it is great for soloing in against monsters / enemies and bosses in Pandora. Get a good class mod to go along with it and you’ll be destroying crowds of enemies fast — because that’s what Salvador does — crowd control.

He’s got a high rate of damage per second so this is a great DPS build too. You can duo with it if you wish or join a full blown party.

And yes — this build is effective against Terramorphous the Invincible, as well as the even more difficult Vermivorous the Invincible.

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