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Borderlands 2 – Best Assassin Class Build


The Borderlands 2 class Assassin is what you’d expect it to be.

Stealth & long distance killing with sniper rifles, with strong melee thrown in for good measure

Zer0 / Zero revolves around his action skill called Decepti0n / Deception. This is what we call the Best Assassin Skill Build. This makes your critical hits ridiculously powerful and accurate, while also making sniper rifles more efficient with larger capacity and increased damage. To add some defensive / tank style skills, health and shield skills were obtained.

This build works well for soloing and co-op.

Best Assassin Class Build

Sniping Skill Tree
HeadSh0t (5/5)
Killer (5/5)
Precisi0n (2/5)
0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill (1/5)
B0re (1/1)
Vel0city (5/5)
Kill C0nfirmed (5/5)
At 0ne with the Gun (5/5)
Critical Ascensi0n (1/1)

Sniping Skill Tree
Ir0n Hand (5/5)
Grim (5/5)
F0ll0wthr0ugh (5/5)

And that’s the build! Modify as necessary of course and also post your builds if you know of a better one! Need more help on your Zer0 Class Build? Check out Borderlands 2: Best Assassin Skill Build

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