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Apple Malware Infection Rates Rapidly Increasing


You thought you were safe Mac Users? You thought wrong! Malware rates have been increasing at a dramatic rate. This has been unprescented in the Mac World. Hide your iPod, hide your iPhone and hide your Mac Book because they are infecting everyone in here!
Steve Jobs

According to many Apple Store Employees, there has been a dramatic influx in malware infections on the Mac OSX Systems. Users have been getting tricked into installing “Mac Defender” and “Mac Security” when in fact these programs are malware under the guise of being helpful. Windows users are already well aware of these “tricks”, but this is very new in the OSX World.

The unfortunate part about this problem, is that it is not covered in Apple Care, though most employees will still be willing to help sort out your problem… for now at least. According to ZNET, Apple Employees have been told to not confirm or deny the fact that there is now Malware. They have been instructed to stay away from removing the malware and to guide users to purchase antivirus software. You can find the full leaked email by clicking the photo below.

Apple Spyware Malware

Apple Spyware Malware Notice

We will update this post as more information comes out. Looks like the growing Mac user-base if finally starting to become a large enough target for hackers and developers. You can bet that Apple will try to resolve this situation immediately. There will be an ever-growing demand for anti-virus/anti-spyware and anti-malware

Okay I am done sounding extra dramatic. Enjoy your day. Just be safe out there!

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