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Apple CEO Steve Jobs Steps Down From CEO Position


Steve Jobs, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, has stepped down from his position as CEO. He will still be working with Apple, but as as a chairman instead.

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs has had health problems as of lately so that may very well be the reason as to why he is resigning from his position.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook will be taking his place. It’s really pretty sad to see him go, but at least he’s still part of the company.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has resigned and will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, the company said late Wednesday. Jobs will stay on as Apple’s chairman. Apple made no mention of Jobs’ health in its statement about the change, but Jobs alluded to it in the letter of resignation he sent to Apple’s board on Wednesday and later released publicly.

Source: CNN Money

He helped release many great products and pieces of software during — the iPod Nano and Touch, OSX Snow Leopard, Mac Book Pros, etc. — and helped resurrect the company when profits were down.

Hopefully everything is ok with him and he gets into better health soon!

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