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Funny Video: NFL Replacement Refs


I saw this on Conan (TBS) the other day and thought it was hilarious. Here’s a reel of all the bad replacement ref calls.

Borderlands 2 Map of Pandora

With Borderlands 2 out, I decided to post a map of Pandora! It’s an interesting world with sand and ice. Be sure to explore it!

Click on the images below to enlarge the map pictures.

Borderlands 2 Map of the Northwest Coast Borderlands 1 Map of Pandora’s East Coast
Borderlands 2 World Map Borderlands 2 Map of Pandora

That’s the combined World Map of Pandora right now. When Borderlands 3 comes out, we’ll have another piece of the map!

Kindle Fire VS Kindle Fire HD – Comparison

Kindle Fire HDThe Kindle Fire HD is out! (also called the Kindle Fire 2 by some)

Owners of the original Kindle Fire may be wondering: is it worth the upgrade?

To put it shortly — yes. Read on to find out why as we do a comparison between the models so you can see what the differences are.

The Best Class in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 ClassesWondering what the best class in Borderlands 2 is?

That’s the question that is on most people’s minds when they start this game — either on Windows PC (such as from Steam or DVD / CD), or via the console path — Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Let us help you out by showing you the pros and cons, the negatives and positives, the good and the bad…of each class!

And after that, we’ll end with our personal opinion on the best overall class, solo class, support class, crowd control class, etc is!

Disagree with what we chose? Then please comment below and tell us why. We are open to changing our minds!


Commander / Soldier (Axton)

Pros: Great solo class. Capable of deploying TWO turrets at once depending on your skilltree choices. Good for support. Turrets can fight entire battles for you while you are safely hidden.
Cons: You have to depend on your Turrets to keep alive (depending on your skill choices) so watch out for the cooldown on Sabre Turret (this can be improved depending on skill choices too and from class mods). If you played the soldier class from the first game, then you might feel bored if you’re looking for some big changes. Note though that the turrets this time around are much stronger than before.

Siren (Maya)

Pros: Very strong. Capable of obliterating enemies with fast, elemental bullet attacks. Very high DPS / damage per second so great PVP. Can Phaselock enemies to make them easier to attack / stop them from fighting. Can provide good support using skills: res, elated, restoration, and sweet release. Has some crowd control abilities utilizing Phaselock.
Cons: Really no big cons here. If I had to pick something, then it would be that she can’t tank as well as SOME of the other classes, though her shield skills help.

Gunzerker (Salvador)

Pros: One of the most fun classes to play! Using two guns at once allows for massive killing power and high DPS (damage per second). Has tanking skills available in Brawn tree.
Cons: You definitely need some good guns to utilize the Gunzerker better. He *can* be a bit vulnerable to attacks unless you choose the tanking skill tree, which will make him not as powerful damage-wise.

Zer0 / Zero (Assassin)

Pros: High damage dealing when using a sniper rifle. Sniping from a distance allows you to protect yourself from damage to your shields and hp / health always remain pretty high. Ninja sword is fun for melee attacks and his skills let him escape situations that other characters would have issues escaping from. Melee attacks are powerful.
Cons: A bit low in defense so can cause Zer0 to be vulnerable in close combat. Depending on the situation you’re in, long range combat isn’t as easy (though it is still very doable).

Mechromancer (Gaige)

This class is available through DLC / Downloadable Content (AddOn pack). If you preordered the game, then you’ll get it for free.
Pros: Great solo and support class because of the killer robot (Death Trap). Unique class. Death Trap helps kill and pick off hidden enemies.
Cons: Low gun capacity with anarchy build. Must worry about stacks. *Can* depend on robot Death Trap.
(Check Borderlands 2: Best Build for Mechromancer for more information on picking the best build for Gaige)

Best Borderlands 2 Class

So what’s the best class in Borderlands 2? It’s hard to say given all the available options and really depends on what you’re looking for. Are you aiming for the strongest borderlands 2 class? The best tank class? The most damage dealing class? The best solo class? The best PVP class? How about the best crowd control class?

It is MY opinion that the best class in the game is Siren. And here’s why:

— You can kill enemies VERY fast with quick bullets and elemental damage
— Phaselock lets you disable enemies that are causing you problems
— Despite lack of defense, you can get the skills Sustenance (regenerates health) and Life Tap (steals health from enemies) to help prolong your life, and along with your regenerating shields, this allows you to kill, kill, and kill some more.

She’s a good class to duo with in a party or join with a group, and can be a good hybrid class depending on the build you use.

Best Solo Class: Commando or Mechromancer
Best PVP Class: Siren
Best Crowd Control Class: Gunzerker
Best Support Class: Mechromancer and Siren
Best Melee Class: Assassin

Disagree with our selection? That’s okay! Let us know why in the comments below and maybe our opinions will change too!

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Best Gun in Borderlands 2

Best Gun in Borderlands 2


I just recently started playing Borderlands 2 as of a few days ago. There are many great additions to an already successful game. This includes more interesting types of guns… and well, although I haven’t found this gun yet (and you better believe I’ll try to), this one takes the cake.

Gotta love the youtube video description: “I don’t know where I found this. I don’t want to know.”

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