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Daily Digest October 31, 2011



  • Ubuntu goes mobile, expect it on phones, tablets and TVs

    If you want a version of Linux aimed squarely at the masses hooked on Windows, look no further than Ubuntu. It has repeatedly pushed development in its own direction away from the norm in a bid to make the alternative operating system more accessible and appealing to users beyond the typical Linux user. The latest […]

  • Piracy-dependent Siri port fully working on iPhone 4

    After learning that Apple was tying Siri exclusively to the iPhone 4S, we wondered whether the jailbreak community would be able to change that. Within a day or two, Siri’s user interface was successfully ported to the iPhone 4, but Apple’s servers weren’t responding, rendering it non-functional. The same developer now has Siri fully working […]

Funny Video: Cyanide & Happiness – Barbershop Quartet Hits On Girl From Taxi


A funny short video clip by Cyanide & Happiness.

Daily Digest October 30, 2011



  • Boo! Five of the best geeky Halloween pumpkins

    Probably one of the geekiest holidays of all, Halloween brings many traditions with it. Eating enough candy until one bursts, designing just the right Dr. Who costume to impress friends and last but not least, making the best geeky pumpkin carving to one up those pesky neighbors! If you are a bit behind in your […]

Daily Digest October 29, 2011



  • Artist makes amazing animal sculptures out of old tires

    Want a cool idea on how to recycle those old tires that are just lying around in the backyard or the vacant lot? If you have three months, lots of patience and talent, you might be able to do what Korean artist Yong Ho Ji has done. Pictured above is a lion sculpture that Ji […]

  • Zombie Gameboy is better at eating brains than playing Tetris

    What happens to portable video game systems when they die? Why, they become zombies, of course. One creative individual has shown us proof of this occurrence with his custom-made Zombie Gameboy figure. This brain-eating (or motherboard-eating?) undead portable is the creation of self-proclaimed nerd Donald “kodykoala” Kennedy. He got the idea when he found an […]

Battlefield 3 Simulator


Across the pond, our Limey cousins are getting some of the best of motion tracking technology to create a totally immersive Battlefield 3 experience. Check the video up there for a pretty enviable sim setup. Me, personally, I’d go for the traditional flight sim cockpit mock-up instead… lot less moving parts needed and flight sims/combat need some love.


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