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Volpin Props Take 2: The N7 Hardsuit


So soon after checking up on the M8 Avenger assault rifle, I decided to take a look at that Volpin Props blog again. Turns out he went all the way and built himself a set of the iconic N7 armor that Commander Shepard wears in the game, though not bulletproof and incapable of generating kinetic barriers.

If it attracts any hot blue cosplayers though, I don’t think functionality will be any issue at all. 😉

The build process is pretty ingenious, although he himself says he can’t take any credit for the original idea, someone else tried this first (tell me who?). The material comprising the plates is actually a soft foam used for exercise mats that in this case makes a pliable and easily shaped material, but it’s resilient enough that dropping pieces or the entire suit from any height isn’t an issue. Not to mention, it’s lightweight and makes for a fairly comfortable wear.

That said, it’s a stellar piece of work and along with the Avenger prop makes a hell of a cosplay. You can check out the entire build process and MORE PICTURES! at this archival version of the post on Volpin Props.

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  1. Comments  Foose   |  Tuesday, 14 September 2010 at 9:12 PM

    1- does it come in black?
    2 – does it repel BB’s

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