Today is Friday, 12th July 2024

View Websites as Google


Using this online tool you can view websites under Google’s user-agent. This is different than the user-agent add-on for Firefox that I posted because you don’t install a thing. The Firefox add-on is more powerful, however, because you can add any user-agents that you want, switch between them instantly, you keep the user-agent until you switch back (opposed to the above web page that only views one page), and it’s just more flexible. You may be wondering “what purpose does this serve?” Well, some forums do not allow for unregistered users to view posts. Some of these forums will allow Google (and other search engines) to view these posts despite this, so that the search engines can pick up keywords and help spread the forum’s URL in search results. This is easily taken advantage of as you can see. Anyway, enjoy.

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