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Video Game Villain of the Month: August 2009 – Bowser


One of the legendary video game villains out there, Bowser is perhaps one of the more “infamous”. Also know as King Koopa, Bowser is the main villian in the Mario franchise. Although he is a rotund and menacing figure, he also has a comical side associated with him (an oafish, muscle head) that has made him a lovable villain we could not do without. He has also played the role of hero along with Mario in critically acclaimed Super Mario RPG, making him one of the few characters to ever switch sides (although briefly).

With his “sharp” look and “fiery” ways, this king will always have his place (albeit forcibly) in the Mushroom Kingdom lore. The Spiky, Hard-Shelled King of the Koopas, Bowser.

August 2009: Bowser – The Spiky, Hard-Shelled King of the Koopas.

King of the Koopas

King of the Koopas

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