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Video Game Hero of the Month: September 2009 – Link


A hero with a different story but with the same destiny, Link is one of the most unique and innovative heroes out there. Link is unique in the sense, for that each “Legend of Zelda” game that he is in, it is a different incarnation of Link. So while your playing as Link, your really playing as someone else each time. His bravery in all of the “Legend of Zelda” series ables him to wield his greatest weapon: the Master Sword. He is also a guardian of the all mighty Triforce, as well the keeper of the Triforce of Courage.

His journey usually invovles a tangling of the blades with his nemesis Ganondorf (Keeper of the Triforce of Power), as well as saving the titular character Princess Zelda (Keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom). With each incarnation, there is always something different about his journey: from riding a horse to riding a boat, from turning into a wolf or turning into a Goron. This change usually adds some flair to the franchise, as it never ceases to amaze. The other thing about Link that never changes is his slience. He, as well as the entire Zelda world, is all based on text, as words are never uttered. So no matter who you are, you can always subsitute yourself to this great character

Link is surely a hero of time: an ageless child or man whose courage is never changed or diminished, and in each quest Link seems to make the impossible task into his epic tale of heroism. Link is truly the Timeless Incarnation of Courage.

August 2009: Solid Snake – The Legendary Warrior
September 2009: Link – The Timeless Incarnation of Courage

The Timeless Hero

The Timeless Hero


  1. Comments  DarkKnightH20   |  Monday, 14 September 2009 at 12:16 PM

    Ganondorf shall be pleased…

  2. Comments  Naota   |  Monday, 14 September 2009 at 12:19 PM

    …What about Gandalf!?

  3. Comments  DarkKnightH20   |  Monday, 14 September 2009 at 12:24 PM

    Which one, Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

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