Today is Wednesday, 17th July 2024

Disrupt the Class


Foose here.  In class, owning everyone.  I’m the only one who doesn’t get yelled at for using my phone.  I thought of a game that’s like Escape the Bathroom meets Whack Your Boss.  Objective  is to cause as much hell for the teacher as you can by using a Voice command where you shout stuff,  passing notes with custom dialogue, saying a one-liner when you come back from break, farting, damaging the projector, etc .  Raise the Insane O’ Meter high enough to make your escape or by having the teacher kill himself.  I am sketching a layout and interface (Demo reel should be out soon) and given that I am still a class clown / unorthodox model student in my current classes, I have plenty of one liners.  You can’t move around, but you can search through your backpack, interact with other kids, and explore what you can while sitting.

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