Today is Friday, 24th May 2024

Update: Escape the Bathroom


Ok, update on the upcoming game, Geek Montage’s first sponsored game: Escape the Bathroom!

My 3d program is being kinda lame right now, so I’ve been working on the item combo/discover list. Here’s what I have so far:

-Paper Clip (found in trash can): picks the lock of the paper towel dispenser.
-> paper towel roll: Use as a ‘hygienic’ handle for the plunger -> plunger: Use to plunge the toilet which exposes a key -> key: unlocks the drawer under the sink -> Tools (being a wrench and screw driver): removes the bolts and screws holding the toilet to the wall -> (At this point, the whole bathroom starts to flood, time to get out or be drowned in shit) Use the toilet to climb up and escape via a/c vent

Sounds short, but it’s a prototype game to test what we can do and what our abilities extend to. Programmers, test gamers, and critics stand by!

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